She’s called WildChild for a reason even Lyz can’t catch her !!
Wild Child is now 4 years old and arrived as a very feral kitten. Her siblings were all quickly tamed and rehomed but not Wild Child.
She roamed freely around her foster home until one day she climbed into a crate to have a rock in her hammock.
That was it! After a bit of kitten wrestling, she was into a cat carrier and off to the vets to be neutered.
During the operation, it was found that she had growths on her uterus. They would have killed her in the future so spaying saved her life.
To this day she is still untouchable. She loves other cats and is fascinated by kittens.
She will come to Shona’s lap for treats and every night she will sleep on Shona’s blanket beside her, but even then she can’t be touched. Flea drops have to be administered by squirting from a syringe.
For obvious reasons this lovely girl will never be rehomed but will have a forever home with Shona.

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