Wild about Friday

Another surreal week passes us by, our country is mostly on shut down and our wildlife are making the most of it, the most eye catching of which being the mountain goats of Llandudno in Wales who are thoroughly enjoying the lack of human activity!

On a smaller scale, wildlife is taking full advantage that spring is bedding in. I’ve had an unusual start to the week with a little more time to myself than usual. I spent a cheerful 20 minutes sitting on the raised veg bed timber edging, planning and plotting, watching the business of small insect life hustle and bustle while I drank a coffee. One section is unturned earth, which I had planned for carrots. The earth is in large clods there and I noticed that the sunny face of these was covered in tiny drilled holes, the expelled soil around the edge of the hole. Fascinated by what had caused these, I sat watching, there were ants marching around, a few small spiders, and eventually I saw small bees leaving and entering each of the holes! There go my carrot plans…..

I started paying a little more attention to what else might be happening in my garden, and couldn’t help but notice when I went to feed my chickens that they had been visited overnight by a fox! No harm done, thankfully, but the pungent musky scent was so strong in the shrubbery area nearest to the chicken house. At this time of year, foxes need additional food for lactating females and cubs, so I shall have to make sure the chickens get locked up each evening!

A pair of starlings swooped down onto the lawn, foraging for leafy matter, they decided dead pampas grass leaves were a great choice and the determination in collecting up material that was up to 18” long and carrying it off to the nest site was admirable. They set about gathering up as much as they could, making journey after journey until one of them got distracted by a worm. Unfortunately, I then noticed which direction they had been delivering all the bedding in….straight to the underside of the roof tiles just above my bedroom window! It is odd how amplified the sound of them above your head is at 4am…..

The greenhouse is probably a few weeks ahead of the garden, and even in there new spring life is bursting out, just check out these spiderlings on the side of my wheelbarrow!

Just behind the greenhouse, a tiny old nest had fallen out of our hedge, the construction work assembling it was so detailed it was incredible. One unhatched egg was left there, amidst the shattered shells of those that had been luckier, my finger is in the photograph for scale.

We have a long weekend coming up, and at best we can get out into our gardens, although no further, so why not see what you can find on your own back garden safari!



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