Our monthly shopping list

These are some of the many things we have had donated through Amazon. Thank you so much!

As you can imagine, we have quite the shopping list every month!
You can help by buying us something from our Amazon Wishlist!
This list is reset every month and no matter what you chose to buy we will use everything.

If you prefer to buy something from our list in your local shop, please do! One of our supporters buy kitten biscuits from Sainsbury's every month, another send us cleaning wipes she can get cheaper from a local supplier. There are no wrong ways to support us and we are grateful for anything 🙂 Any donations bought away from Amazon can be brought to any of our three charity shops.

We are also very grateful for towels and newspaper.


Hallswoods shopping list every month (this does not include hay, straw, bedding, medication etc)

20 packs of Cleaning wipes (biodegradable)
20 packs of baby wipes (biodegradable)
8 bags of Goat mix feed
100 doses of Spot on wormers
3 cat flea spray
120 doses of spot on de-flea treatment
5 bottles of hand sanitizer
10 rolls of pet wraps
200 1ml syringes
2 packs of bamboo cotton buds
2 jars of Glucosamine
2 bags of vitamin C supplement
50-60 canker treatment tablets
200 washing capsules
6 litres of Formula H disinfectant
5 litres of washing-up liquid
10 bottles of rinse aid
500 dishwasher tablets
2 kilos of dishwasher salt
5 litres of F10 disinfectant
24 bottles of bleach
5 litres of Zoflora
200-300 hand warmers for transport
400 bin bags
About 400 pairs of disposable gloves
About 30 pairs of Marigolds
30 kitchen rolls
35-40 toilet rolls
300 litres of wood-based cat litter
60-90 litres of specialist cat litter for kittens
50 litres of pond sticks
5 kilos of millet spray
25 kilos of finch food
600 kilos of alpaca food
10-15 kilos of parrot food
10 kilos of squirrel food
600 kilos of pig food
100 kilos of grass pellets
100 kilos of fibre nuts
1-2 jars of Hand feeding bird food
4 -5 kilos of dried mealworms
10 kilos of bird grit
25 kilos of poultry grit
100 tins of gourmet gold mousse
15 kilos of sunflower seed
15 kilos of peanut kernels
15 bags of suet pellets
3 boxes of premium insect pâte
3 boxes of insect pate
3 boxes of Insect food for birds
30 kilos of standard bird seeds
5 kilos of Blue tit food
5 kilos of young bird seed mix
5 kilos of Robin food
30-40 kilos of special birdseed
20 kilos of high-quality cat food (kittens/hoglets)
300-350 kilos of cat biscuits
1200 tins of cat food every month!
750 tins of dog food per month (dogs/foxes/seagulls etc)
5 litres of apple cider vinegar
Light bulbs