Craftevening 8

Volunteering with Hallswood can be anything you like!
Our motto is no one can do everything but everyone can do something - it is as a team we make what we do, possible!
We have volunteers helping a few times a year, others that help pretty much every day; some can commit to a certain time every week, others as and when.
So where do you fit in? Here are some examples to get you thinking 🙂

Maybe hands-on at the sanctuary is for you?Gull We need both regular help and "as and when". We must warn you though: Working at the sanctuary is 90% cleaning and building and very little hands-on helping with animals. Saying that: you will be working surrounded by animals and birds and your help will enable the staff to provide the best care possible for the animals!

Do you have transport? Do you love animals and driving?
Then maybe the transport team is for you! All you need is a car, a smartphone with WhatsApp installed and some spare time!
How it works is simple: You are added to our WhatsApp group and when a request is posted you answer if you can help, if you can't you just ignore. Simple enough 🙂

Is it cats that is your thing? Then maybe Hallswood Cats is where you belong! We are often in need of fosterers for cats! This can be short term or long term. Sometimes it is an emergency space we need, other times just somewhere for an older cat to live the rest of his or her life. All fosterers will be subject to a home-check before being added to the team.

Maker, doer, fixer, or mender? We have jam makers, jewelry fixers, knitters, stitchers, penny counters, event organizers, and writers. We need you all!
Our jammers paid off our vet-bill and our "joolers" (jewelry group) raised enough funds for us to build a brand new drive!

Whatever you like to help with please email [email protected] or check here for available positions.