If you have any questions about Terracycle please email:

Please reduce the waste that goes to landfill and help animals at the same time!

!!!Everything must be PRE-SORTED into the numbered categories !!!

!!!Everything needs to be clean and dry and any food residue removed !!!

Please scroll through our list and to see which locations you can take these items to. If you are unsure of an item, please check with us first as we get an awful lot of rubbish we don't want and it costs us time and money to dispose of it. We can NOT accept recycling in any of our shops.

1. Empty Crisp Packets including the multipack wrapper - please flatten your

packets (DO NOT scrunch or tie them)
2. Cat & Dog Pet Food Pouches / Biscuit Bags / Treat Bags ONLY- must be
washed out, clean & dry (OTHERWISE, THEY SMELL AWFUL)
3. Biscuit Wrappers - sweet & savoury (inc Mini Cheddars, Rice Cakes
& cake bars like McVities Jaffa Cake Bars)
4. Chocolate/Sweet wrappers/pouches eg mars, kit kat, snickers,
skittles (NO paper or foil wrappers from tins of sweets)
5. Pringles Tubes, Lids and Seals (this brand only)
6. Nuts, Popcorn, Pretzels & Twiglets Packaging
7. Bread Bags ONLY (LDPE Stretchy Plastic) (NO Bagel, Roll or Crumpet)
8. Cheese flexible plastic pouches (NO tubs, trays, squeezy tubes,
slice dividers)
9. Plastic Ring Carriers from cans of drink
10. Toothpaste Tubes/Caps (empty as much as possible),Toothpaste &
Toothbrush Packaging & Toothbrushes & Electric/Battery Toothbrush
Head’s, also floss containers and their outer packaging
11. Baby Food Pouches and Caps (empty & rinsed), Baby Food Snack Packets
12. Kinder flexible plastic & aluminium foil packaging, chocolate
wrappers & yellow rigid egg toy containers
13. Lavazza ECO CAPS ONLY - they are compatible with
Nespresso/A Modo Mio Coffee machines
14. Flexible laundry washing capsules & pods & dishwasher
tablets packaging
Plastic Air Fresheners containers & cartridge caps & plastic car
air fresheners (except electric plug-ins)
Flexible wipe packaging for home cleaning
(NO Trigger tops or rigid bottles)
15. Plastic Roll-on Deodorants, face wipe packaging, pumps, caps
& trigger sprays from beauty products, flexible cream tubes &
plastic pots for beauty products (e.g. hand cream, moisturizer)
(NO Rigid bottles or glass pots)
16. Writing Equipment e.g. Pens, Highlighters, Mechanical Pencils,
Tippex Pots, Markers (not pencils or crayons or glue sticks)
(these are for Ghost Hill Infant School fundraising)
17. Used Postage Stamps (put inside envelope/small bag)
Empty Inkjet Cartridges (put inside small bag) (NOT LASERJET)

Foreign Coins (put inside envelope/small bag)

Some people use their stretchy bread bags to put their recycling in

or the multi-pack crisp packets or the larger pet food bags



Taverham Garden Centre – Fir Covert Road NR8 6HT
Three Bins situated by the car wash
(Temporarily closed - a few more volunteers required to collect and sort)
If you would be happy to help with the recycling scheme please email us and we will tell you more.
Horsford Village Hall - Holt Road, NR10 3DN - OPEN
Bins situated on cut-through to school against the fence.

(One wheelie bin for cat/dog pet pouches, One wheelie bin for crisp packets) (Watch out for posts on Horsford Life Facebook page for days when you can take other specific items to Sandra Lumbard & Ashley Hobson)

Thorpe Plant Centre, 191a Plumstead Road East, Thorpe St Andrew,
Norwich, NR7 9LW - OPEN

(Two wheelie bins located near to the checkout area)

Chapelfield Vets, 162 Norwich Road, New Costessey, Norwich,

NR5 0EH - OPEN (One wheelie bin located by the front door entrance)

Earthglade, 4 Phoenix Yard, Norwich, NR3 1NB - OPEN
(One wheelie bin located in the nearby car park)
Rosebery Pub – 94 Rosebery Road NR3 3AB - OPEN
(Two blue bins in the carpark on right-hand side as you enter their rear car park area) DO NOT leave if bins are full!

Wymondham area - please email jakehallswoodrecycling@hotmail. com and arrange directly with Jake.

Please check opening times before going to any of the business
locations and notify us of any issues e.g. bins full
If your usual collection point is not shown here now then please get in touch with us by sending an email: and we will do our best
to assist you. Due to Covid19 we have had to temporarily close some of the regular collection points. If you have any questions or require a copy of our leaflet then please get in touch with us.

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