Recycle for Hallswood!

Please reduce the waste that goes to landfill and help animals at the same time!

Susan Simpson with bags of recycling ready to be sent off to Terracycle.

There are lots of rules that we have to follow about what we can recycle and what we can’t. At first it can look quite complicated, but actually we are all very much creatures of habit. We often buy the same things and dispose of the same packaging every week.

If you are just getting started, why not pick 1 thing from the info-graphic below that you normally throw away and start saving that 1 item for Hallswood? Then, once you have got into the routine with that item pick another item to add to your Hallswood recycling stash!

Why not start collecting crisp packets at work? It’s great for the environment and helps support all the animals at Hallswood!

Sometimes it seems strange that a particular item is collected, but another is not. This is because the recycling is enabled by specific manufacturers and they are quite strict about what they will pay to recycle. We have to stick to their rules.

If you have any questions about TerraCycle please contact Susan email:

Everything must be PRE-SORTED into the numbered groups

*****Everything needs to be clean and dry with any food residue removed*****

Please scroll through our list and to see which locations you can take these items to. If you are unsure of an item, please check with us first as we get an awful lot of rubbish we don’t want, and it costs us time and money to dispose of it.
Unfortunately, we can NOT accept recycling in any of our shops, but can now accept recycling at the main sanctuary site in Stratton Strawless.



  1. ANY BRAND of crisps, Hula Hoops, Quavers, Skips, etc including multipack packaging.
  2. ANY BRAND of popcorn, pretzels, twiglets, peanuts and other nuts.
  3. ONLY Pringles brand, tube including the lid and foil top.
  4. Plastic air freshener containers, fragrance twin pack plastic sleeves, flexible stain remover packaging, flexible packaging from dishwasher salt bags, plastic air freshener cartridge caps, plastic car air fresheners (NOT electrical), flexible cleaning wipes packaging used for home cleaning, flexible laundry pods, capsules and dish washer tablets packaging.

We CANNOT accept aerosols, glass air freshener cartridges, transparent bottles, caps other than the ones from TINTED conditioner bottles, other flexible wipe packaging like baby wipes or trigger spray tops from cleaning products.

  1. ANY BRAND of floss containers and outer packaging, plastic toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and caps, electric and battery-operated toothbrush heads, plastic toothbrush outer packaging and toothpaste cartons.

We CANNOT accept floss, inter-dental brushes or toothpicks, toothbrushes NOT made from plastic, mouthwash bottles, toothpaste pumps.

  1. ANY BRAND of the following beauty items, caps, pumps and trigger spray heads from beauty and personal care products, plastic pots and flexible tubes from beauty and personal care products, flexible plastic wipe packaging (NOT BABY WIPES)and plastic roll-on deodorants.
  2. ANY BRAND plastic chocolate or sweet pouches and bags, individual chocolate bar wrappers, chocolate and sweets multipack outer plastic packaging and plastic chocolate block wrappers. (Inc Kit Kat, Twix etc)

We CANNOT accept chocolate tins, the individual wrappers from chocolate tins, ice cream wrappers, foil or paper packets or cardboard tubes.

  1. All parts of Kinder products such as the aluminium foil packaging, rigid plastic packaging, individual wrappers and the flexible plastic packaging and yellow egg case.
  2. ANY BRAND sweet and non-savoury biscuit wrapper that would include Mini Cheddars or Tuc, Digestives, all brands of cake wrappers (mini-rolls, Penguin bars) (Please put Kit Kat, Twix etc in with the chocolate scheme)
  3. ANY BRAND of Hard Cheese plastic packaging e.g. Cathedral City (notsoft cheese foil)
  4. ANY BRAND stretchy plastic bread bags.

We do NOT accept any cellophane or paper bread bags, no crumpet, rolls or bagel bags. Neither do we accept other stretchy plastic bags such as fruit/veg bags, frozen food/fruit, chips etc ONLY bread.

  1. ANY BRAND baby food pouches, baby food caps and snack packets. Please remove as much food residue as possible but there is no need to cut the pouches open and wash them.
  2. Plastic ring carriers which holds cans together.
  3. All Lavazza Eco Caps

We CANNOT accept any other brands even if they look the same!

  1. All writing instruments (except for wooden pencils and chalk) are accepted. Any brand of writing pens, felt tips, highlighter, marker, correction fluid pot, correction tape, mechanical pencil and eraser pen regardless of their composition. BOTH FUNCTIONING AND NOT FUNCTIONING.

We CANNOT accept glue sticks, batteries, crayons, erasers, rulers or other cutting objects.

  1. Ink cartridges. ONLY cartridges please! We CANNOT accept toners. Please put in a separate bag!
  2. Stamps – any used loose/single stamps, first day covers, presentation packs are welcome. Please put in a separate bag!
  3. Banknotes & Coins, any currency UK or foreign of any age/unchangeable. Please put in a separate bag!
  4. Unwanted gold & silver including damaged items, costume jewellery and watches. Please put in a separate bag!
  5. Mobile Phones, Video Cameras, Old Film Cameras, Sat Navs, Game Consoles, Games & Accessories, iPods, MP3 Players, Tablet Computers. (Including damaged items) Please put in a separate bag!



Horsford Village Hall – Holt Road, NR10 3DN

Bins situated on the cut through to school against the fence.

(Three wheelie bins which are appropriately labelled)

Thorpe Plant Centre, 191a Plumstead Road East, Thorpe St Andrew,

Norwich, NR7 9LW

(Two wheelie bins located near to the checkout area, only during opening hours)

Chapelfield Vets, 162 Norwich Road, New Costessey, Norwich, NR5 0EH

(wheelie bins are located in the front main car park, accessible 24/7)

Earthglade, 4 Phoenix Yard, Norwich, NR3 1NB

(One wheelie bin located in the nearby car park, accessible 24/7)

Rosebery Pub – 94 Rosebery Road NR3 3AB

(Three wheelie bins in the car park on right-hand side as you enter their rear car park area, accessible 24/7)

(Please DO NOT leave if bins are full)

East of England Co-op Funeral Services, 53 Baxter Road, Dereham, NR19 1AY – Drop Off times are 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday only (They do not have a bin, only go during opening hours – contact is Lisa Warman)

Loddon area – please email Vanessa Edwards-Scott for more details –

Taverham area – please send a PM via our Recycle for Hallswood Facebook page or email us (Susan Simpson)

Attleborough – please send a PM via the Recycle for Hallswood Facebook page or email us (Sandra Martin) c/o

Hallswood Animal Sanctuary Main Site – We now have 3 brown bins on the driveway accepting recycling, if you can’t see the brown bins, please ask at the gate. The bins are accessible without time restrictions. The sanctuary is on Shortthorn Rd in Stratton Strawless.  Post code NR10 5NU. The what 3 words location is…  ///rails.fittingly.dwarfIf you turn into Shortthorn Rd from the Horsford end the sanctuary is the 4th property  on the right hand side. There is a white sign that says Hallswood. You will turn into a muddy track from the road and Hallswood is on the left hand side down a gravel driveway.

Please check opening times before going to any of the business locations and please let us know of any issues e.g. bins full.

If you wish to post items to us, then please PM us via our Recycle for Hallswood Facebook page or email

PLEASE DO NOT take any recycling to the Charity shops. Sadly we don’t have space to collect recycling at our shops. Thank you! 

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Recycle for Norfolk wildlife (link to page)