Donations – Shops

As you can imagine our charity shops rely on donations to operate. We are so grateful for anything brought to us, but with covid-19 thrown in the mix, we had to change the way we accept things slightly.

We can now accept small donations Monday - Saturday between 9 - 3. With small donations, we mean 1-3 small bags/small boxes. Anything bigger than this HAS to be prebooked for the shops to ensure that there is enough space to quarantine the donations. The managers will always have the right to turn any donations away if it is not safe for them to accept it because of a lack of storage.
We understand that it is very frustrating for our supporters and believe us when we say it is extremely frustrating for us too, but we have to make sure that our staff and volunteers are safe.


A general rule is that our shop on 177 Drayton Road is likely to be able to cope with larger donations. 140 Magdalen Street and Vauxhall Street both have very limited storage. More info about our shops here: Our shops

Things we CAN accept
Rags (please put in a separate bag if possible)
Clothes/Shoes/Handbags (any condition)
Toys (Not broken!)
Donations for the sanctuary
Electrical items (working)

We can sometimes accept smaller furniture but please call ahead to check.

Things we CAN'T accept
Videotapes / Cassette tapes
Broken / Nonfunctioning electrical items
Old style TVs
Big furniture / White goods
Stained duvets / Feather duvets
Pillows (we do accept cushions in sellable condition)
Magazines (except for craft magazines)
Broken bric-a-brac/toys

Terracycle recycling! We can't accept recycling in the charity shops anymore but if you email or check here for more info.