Thank you!

Room to grow!

Thank you to StorageMart for sponsoring Hallswood for another year. Thanks to them we were able to continue to accept donations even with our shops closed. Without them, we dread to think how much money we would have lost. We love you!


Run 100k to help the hedgehogs!

Thank you to Mike Scraff for raising money for us! If you want to help sponsor Mike please check out his fundraising page.


Medical supplies for the hospital!

Thank you UK Medi for the amazing gifts!
Brand new stuff, hand-delivered to the sanctuary! Now that's what we call dedication <3

Heroes of Handmade

Thank you Kelly and family for making dog toys and selling these in aid of Hallswood ❤ £260 made in 2020!
A big thank you also to Beechwood Pet Supplies for allowing them to sell these in their store ❤

Damaged wrapping but still good inside!

Thank you to Amazon for donating any animal-related items to Hallswood! It is amazing to see that businesses make sure to make use of things, even when the packaging has been damaged and therefore unsuitable to sell to customers!

Lovely ribbon for our crafters!

Thank you so much to Ribbonise It for the lovely printed ribbon. It will be perfect for our crafters! <3


We love local!

Thank you to the lovely staff and customers at Fido's pet shop in Dixon center for the donation of £35! Fido's has been supporters for many years <3


A jar full of money 🙂

Thank you to the lovely people at Herring & Palmer for the Penny Jar full of money! £25! If that's not proof that every penny counts, then I don't know what is 😉
(You can collect your very own penny jar from any of our three shops!)

Local business helping the sanctuary

Thank you to Linzers Bakery for the very generous donation of £150!


Cats helping cats 🙂

Thank you to fab cat fashionista Morgan MogMans Wardrobe (with a little bit of help from his Hoooman) for the amazing donation of £440! Wow! There is a little surprise coming your way soon, for you and your fur-siblings 😉


Food for the animals!

Big big thank you to Animed Direct for the generous donation of feed! This will help lots of animals in our care <3

Wood chipping at horse field

Superheroes armed with shovels!

Every year we need to put wood-chip down on our sites as they get so wet and muddy. And every time pretty much the same people help us get it done. With Neil from Sportlink leading the charge with Karen Grapes by his side, people from Colemans optician, Rock-Solid, and of course Neils running group get it done. And not only do they get it done; they make it look like fun while doing it!

Peace of mind!

Thank you yet again to our friends at Wetnose Animal Aid for another generous donation!
With lockdown part 2 just about to start and our shops being forced to close yet again we need all the help we can get!
Love you loads!

Save the planet!

Sounds impossible? Our friends at Earthglade are proof that it is possible - all that has to happen is that we all try!
Not only do they run a shop with all things eco-friendly but they act as a collection point for the recycling scheme and volunteers by pre-sorts everything before handing it over to us!
Now, if busy people running a business can do all that - imagine what impact we could do if we all pitched in! Why not starting with replacing some of that plastic you have at home.... Check out their shop here!

Landing on all four paws

Beautiful Ella was one of the many cats surrendered to us every year.
Heather, the owner of The Garden Cattery, fostered Ella for a few weeks, just to allow us to assess her and get to know her a bit. This helped us to find her the perfect forever home for this beautiful little girl 🙂
Thank you Heather!


Community spirit!

Thank you to the lovely community in Taverham Drayton and Thorpe Marriott. They arranged a Pumpkin Trail and all the leftover pumpkins were donated to us at Hallswood! The animals love them <3 Same time next year?

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Prepaid straw

Thank you to the lovely Tracey B who more than once has popped in to Kens corn stores and prepaid bales of straw and hay for us!
Not only is it a great support for us, but also for Ken's corn stores who are amazing supporters of Hallswood!

Pennies really do make a difference!

Thank you to everyone brought us full Penny Jars in the last few months. We just placed an order with Aldi for a whole months supply of food for the hedgehogs! 1200 tins! Every doubted that every penny count? Well, here's the proof!


Lonely Marathon during a pandemic!

Thank you to Paul B who ran a marathon in aid of Hallswood. Due to the pandemic, London marathon was cancelled but Paul decided to run anyway! With support from friends, family and Hethersett dental surgery he raised an amazing £930.31!

The money will be used to pay for part of the extension to our hedgehog hospital, something Paul was very happy about - He loves hedgehogs!

Cash and cheques for hedgehogs 😀

Thank you to the many cash donations and of course cheques sent to us for both the animal ambulance (plans to buy the vehicle in January!) and the emergency extension to our hedgehog hospital. Too many names to list them all but we love you all <3