177 Drayton Road (NR3 2AA)

Our shop on 177 Drayton Road was the first of our three shops to open and is by far the busiest when it comes to donations! It supplies the other two shops with stock and the online shops, and still manages to have more than enough for regulars finding new bargains every day!
Manager Teresa Aves with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers is making sure that the rails and shelves are filled with items with new things added every single day!

This is the shop for you who like proper bargains as all clothes are just £1, bric-a-brac 50 pence and jackets £3!

Contact 177 Drayton Road on 01603 927 465.
We accept small donations any day. For any donations bigger than 3-4 bags please call ahead and book a slot to ensure that we have space in storage.
For anything animal related please call 0754 999 19 20.

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