Donations – Sanctuary

£800 a day

That is how much it costs to run Hallswood animal sanctuary every single day.
7 days a week, all year round.
In addition to the resident animals who cannot be returned to the wild we have hundreds of animals brought to our gate every month. This sum includes everything - from electricity and vet bills to feed and fuel and means that in total, every day, we need to make £800 just to keep going.
How can you help? Every month we get things donated; that can be anything from a few tins of cat food, or someone going to their local supermarket to buy 30 bottles of Zoflora for us. This will obviously all count towards that £800 per day if that makes sense. Every single thing we get donated = one less thing we have to buy and every penny paid off our vets bill is one less that we have to make.
That still leaves a massive amount of money that has to be raised every month!

We always need:
Cat / dog biscuits, any tinned cat-food, hay, rabbit food, wood shavings. Any part bags or things you have leftover such as shampoo that didn't suit your pet are gratefully received.
We always need newspapers, towels and blankets.
Due to limited storage space we can only take so many duvets / pillows at a time - so please check before dropping them off to us as if we can't store them they will get wet and we will need to pay to dispose of them.

We have a covid safe donation area on the driveway at the main Hallswood site in Stratton Strawless that can be accessed at any time.

Here is the 'how to find us info'...

The sanctuary is on Shortthorn Rd in Stratton Strawless.  Post code NR10 5NU.

The what 3 words location is...  Sanctuary Location

If you turn into Shortthorn Rd from the Horsford end the sanctuary is the 4th property  on the right hand side. There is a white sign that says Hallswood.

You will turn into a muddy track from the road and Hallswood is on the left hand side down a gravel driveway. As you turn into the gravel drive you will see a silver shed on the right with large plastic boxes either side.

Please put your donations inside, anything left outside will get wet and potentially damaged by cats - they think it very fun to chew open cat food sachets!
Due to covid we are trying to leave things in the storage shed until it is safe to put away, if there is not enough room please ring the bell.


We have an Amazon Wishlist we update and “reset it” every month. The list shows most of the things that we buy every month so never mind what you buy – we truly will use it all! We will also add special things we need that are more of a one-off, like when we need a new ladder or maybe a drill.

There are things from as little as £2 all the way up to £35 and like I said we need everything!

If you have other things to donate but are unsure if we would be able to use them, please Contact us or check here for what we can accept in our charity shop.

Visit or donate to our shops.

For more info how you can help, have a look at this page