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In case of anything animal-related,

please text (text is best!) or call or  07549991920

Due to the risks of Avian Flu Please do not come directly to the sanctuary this would put our resident flock at risk. Please text or call above for advice. We will help as much as possible.

Hi and welcome to Hallswood Animal Sanctuary!

Here you will find everything from articles about wildlife to interviews with our volunteers and staff; links to eBay shops and information about what sort of donations we accept and what we can't.
So click around, check out what Hallswood is all about and get to know us a bit better.

If you have any questions please Contact us just remember that if it is animal related at all ALWAYS text or call 07549991920 and leave a message.

We are back! Shops re-opened <3

Sorry for being quiet for a while but has just been so busy!
Shops are back open and we can hopefully go back to some kind of normal again....
Click here for more info about our shops 🙂
Our shops – Hallswood Animal Sanctuary

Just because the shops have been closed does not mean the sanctuary has
Have a look here for one of the many animals and birds we have helped lately 🙂

Missy the 3 legged vixen – Hallswood Animal Sanctuary

Auctions? Don't mind if we do!

With so many lovely donations being brought to our shops we decided to start selling some online!
We are now running monthly auctions from this page
Hallswood Magdalen Street | Facebook

Listing loads of stuff from these two pages
Hallswood Drayton road | Facebook
Hallswood Suffolk Square | Facebook

And of course filling eBay with shiny things too!
eBay Shops – Hallswood Animal Sanctuary

Help us prepare for baby bird season!

But us a little gift from our Amazon wishlist 🙂