Available volunteer opportunities

If you'd like to apply to any of these positions, please email hasshoponline@gmail.com 

Researchers and eBay assistants

If you love investigating, learning about the most obscure of things, and make money for Hallswood at the same time: This is your thing! This takes place at 140 Magdalen Street and is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Right now we need extra help with packing up parcels and prepping items to be sent out. Could you help us?

Recycling volunteers

Passionate about saving the world? Why not joining our recycling team! Start your own recycling pod in your neighbourhood, help collect from one of the existing collection points or maybe help with the admin? Whatever you can help with it is needed! More info about the recycling scheme here.

Transport volunteers

We are in need of more people happy to join our transport team.
All you need is WhatsApp, a car/van and some spare time!
Email us on hasshoponline@gmail.com for more info 🙂

Sanctuary volunteers

The most common request we get is to volunteer at the sanctuary.
Sadly the majority of people contacting us wants to work hands-on with the animals and when we explain that it is cleaning, building, and washing up we need help with they are no longer interested. At Hallswood you work your way up.
You will start at level 1 and help with washing-up and cleaning. As you learn and we get to know you better there will be more and more opportunities to help in other areas of the sanctuary.
This is something we do to keep our animals safe but also you - and trust me, it is the most rewarding job in the world!

Email hasonsite@aol.com to register your interest.