This story really highlights the importance of always contacting a rescue center or a vet first when you find an animal you think might be in need of help. As much as you might mean very well; if you get it wrong it can lead to that animal never being able to be released back where they belong or even the death of the said animal.

It is a story about a very well-meaning lady that found what she thought was an abandoned baby row deer. As she was not sure what to do she went online to google it and was advised to observe till it got dark to see if the mother deer was around. The advice was, in theory, good but sadly she got it wrong and she kept walking right up to the baby every 30 minutes. Once it got dark she decided it was too dangerous for it to be left on its own so she brought it home. (If you see a baby deer KEEP YOUR DISTANCE and we mean to stay far away, not 10 meters away. If the parent sees or smells you it will not approach the baby, afraid to give its location up!)

Without the right knowledge the lady tried to hand rear it but ended up using the wrong equipment and the outcome was devastating;
dehydration, pneumonia, and malnutrition.
The baby deer also had injuries to his leg joints as the lady thought he might need exercise.

When you are a caring person it is so easy to think that you can do it all and with the internet being right there, with what seems to be the answers to all and everything, many will think “I can do this”.
Please don’t try based just on advice from google.
ALWAYS contact a local rescue for advice and make that your first call of action.
Even advice here or from other animal rescues can be wrong if they are interpreted differently from what was intended to, so call, ask! That is what we are here for!

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