Jenna Painter

Jenna practically grew up at the sanctuary and is now in charge of our animal welfare team, and the bird mummy for all baby birds brought to us.
On paper, she is working 5 days a week but the reality is that she is working much more than that. During baby bird season she will bring the smallest baby birds with her home to ensure that she can keep an eye on them at all time. How about that for dedication? 🙂


Hi Jenna!

How long have you worked with Hallswood?
-I first started helping with the sanctuary animals in 2006 when I was 14 and joined the Saturday group, and have gradually worked up to being there 5 days a week.

Could you tell us more of what you work with?
-As head of animal welfare I deal with a wide variety of livestock on a daily basis, mainly wildlife such as hedgehogs and garden birds, poultry, rabbits, pigs, corvids, the list goes on! I also supervise volunteers and help train them on how we look after our livestock. We have a great team of volunteers who help with feeding and mucking out, as well as cleaning carriers and cages. I help sort through donations for the sanctuary of which we get a lot (big thank you) Also spring 2020 I decided to take over handrearing of baby birds which has been amazing!

What is your favourite part of working for Hallswood?
-Love handrearing baby birds, just being outside in the woods, the fact the animals dont complain about my singing! There is never a dull day at the sanctuary that's for sure!

And dare I ask what the worst part it?
-Having to go in with the horrible talking magpie who loves to attack people. He now has a squirrel friend who joins in with the bullying.

What would you say to encourage someone to help us by joining our crazy family of volunteers?
-We have an amazing group of people who volunteer in many different ways, there are so many ways to get involved (even for people who dont like to get their hands dirty!) So whatever you enjoy and whatever skill set you may have is appreciated.

What is your favourite British wildlife?
-Probably pigeons, they are amazing animals, or gold finches which I hand reared a few of this year and are the cutest little birds

Famous last words: what is your favourite saying?
-When I have an animal crisis I ask myself "what would Lyz do?"

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