Hare – A rescue story

It was a beautiful, warm spring day when the two ladies phoned us from Reepham. They had found a tiny little hare by the side of a field. Luckily Lyz was close by and she rushed over just to find a 12 – 14-day old leveret (baby hare). Apart from a few small injuries he seemed ok but very cold.

Lyz went back to her van and put the heating on full. Sitting there sweating like mad the baby was slowly warming up.

It is a common mistake to think that just because the weather is warm nothing can be cold, instead it is common for baby animals and birds to die due to hypothermia even in the summer. In general, babies need their mothers and just because it is warm for us it doesn’t mean that it is warm for them.

This story ended well and the little leveret survived and was later released close to our horse field. A sunny day he was seen teamed up with a local hare girl and we are sure that they went on to live happily ever after. 🙂

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