Sarah Goldsmith works in our hedgehog hospital and it is just as glamorous as it sounds.
We rarely have less than 50 hedgehogs in our care and over the winter that number goes way past 100-150. Every hedgehog has a cage and every cage needs cleaning.
Add to that feeding, changing waters, and medicate and you have part of Sarah's job description 😀 When she is not working at the sanctuary she runs her own business: Paws Local in Thorpe Marriot.


Hi Sarah!

How long have you been helping Hallswood?
-I’ve volunteered there for about 5 years? Now I work mainly with the hedgehogs in the hospital 🦔


What is the best part about helping Hallswood?
-I love that Hallswood give all the birds and animals a chance to live 😊


And dare I ask what the worst part is?
-There’s lots of poo!

What would you say to encourage someone to come help us?

-Everyone should come along and join in there’s always something to do!

What is your favorite amongst all British wildlife?
-My favourites are Hedgehogs, foxes and Badgers 🦔 🦊 🦡


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