Things to gather together:- 

toilet roll tubes, 

brown paint, 

twigs or pipe cleaners for antlers,

black buttons felt or felt pen for eyes,

PVA glue,  

Sticky tape,

something for the nose - little bottle top, scrunched up red paper, red glitter, tiny Pom Pom, felt pen. 



1.  Cut the toilet roll tube in half and paint your choice of reindeer colour. I did brown, but you could mix up different shades.  

2.  Break up your twigs into the right size for your tubes and stick them to the insides of the tubes with sticky tape.  

3.  Put eyes on your reindeer tubes and then the nose. I had some odd bits at the bottom of my craft box so I used a little red bell, a tiny bottle top, and different sized pom-poms that had fallen off another project.  I added a smile too!   


It helps if you leave each stage to dry in between because it’s really annoying if you knock your reindeer's nose off because the glue hasn’t set!


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