Sanctuary is….

Hallswood Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1996
by Keith Hall and his first wife Ann.
This was written by a supporter many years ago
but it still sums it up, don’t you think?

Sanctuary        is a bolt hole
a haven
a place of safety

Sanctuary        is freedom from persecution
for being born an animal
in a humans world.

Sanctuary        is peace and quiet
food and water
warmth and a place to sleep

Sanctuary        is being out of the race
man agains beast.

Sanctuary        is an area to live out
my natural days
a place to lick my cuts and wounds.

Sanctuary        is a time to remember the past
and the hurt inflicted by man.

Sanctuary        is a place to heal
to learn to trust
to know that some humans do
care for us.

Sanctuary        is being protected
being cared for.
But most of all

Sanctuary        is being loved by
Ann and Keith.

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