Life and water go hand in hand, and right now there is just not enough of the latter!
This is a problem we face every year, all year around – dehydrated animals and birds brought to us, often at the brink of death.
And to think there is such an easy solution! Just by all of us providing wildlife with water, not only will you potentially save lives but you will help us too!
A dehydrated animal or bird brought to us will be with us for at least 3 weeks. Food, medication, rubbish collection, care, transport….. Imagine the cost! Just because of lack of water!

People often think that unless they can provide a large pond it’s no point, but nothing could be further from the truth. Something as simple as a shallow dish with water can save lives. Literally! And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I mean unless you want to of course!
A quiche dish will do just as fine as a posh birdbath from a garden center. Just remember to think about the smallest of our fellow creatures – they need water too. Just by adding some stones or marbles at the bottom of the dish, you will help bees and butterflies as well as birds, hedgehogs, foxes, or whoever visits your garden.
At the sanctuary, we have water everywhere – from the big pond dug last year to GU jars, and it is a seemingly endless task keeping them all topped up.
At the moment our friend Boyd, a gardener helping us in his spare time, is busy planting and tidying up, and knowing him more water features will soon be added 😃 If you are looking for a gardener with wildlife-friendly methods Boyd is your man!
Boyd has also asked me to ask you guys for a bit of a favor.
He wants to add more plants to the sanctuary and would love some ferns, camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, and any winter flowering shrubs.
If you have some please contact him directly and say it’s for Hallswood and he will make sure that they go to the right place 😊
PS. Don’t have any dishes to use for water? We have loads in the shops! Just pop in 😃

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