Let there be WATER!

Water is literally a lifesaver and contrary to popular belief, it is essential to help wildlife with this basic need all year round.
We often see and hear people encourage you to provide water during the hottest day of the year but what about during that long dry spell in June or those freezing days in January?

The obvious thing people think about is a pond but you don't have to go that big to be able to help! A shallow dish with water kept topped up, will do nicely.
Things to think about are:
*Keeping it clean
*Keeping it safe with escape routes for tiny creatures
*Keeping it ice-free in the winter (but do not add salt or de-icer please. Just break the ice)
*Try putting it in a safe spot where smaller birds fell secure

It is as simple as that really 🙂

We would love to see how you provide water in your gardens, green space or balconies! Pop a comment on this post with your best tip and/or picture!

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