Can you tell she loves being photographed?.... 🙂

How do you even start to explain this one 😀 She is crazy in a good way, kind, funny and she loves driving! Like, really really loves it! To say that she stepped up during the Covid-19 crisis is the understatement of a lifetime. Without any exaggeration, we would not have been able to cope without her! No matter if it was collecting an injured bird from someone who was self-isolating or donated feed from a rescue in Essex - she was there. Mile after mile behind the wheel, delivering, collecting with only cups of tea and petrol money as payment. There is litterally not enough words to describe how fantastic this individual is. Our D.O.T*!






Hi there Claire 🙂

Could you tell us about how you first got involved with Hallswood and what you help us with?

-I started by helping my friend Alex with transports to and from events and now I seem to be driving every day 😃 As part of the transport team I collect everything from recycling from our many collection points to injured wildlife. I am also fostering an older cat who is still looking for his forever home!

What is the best part about volunteering?

-Meeting new people!

Do I dare to ask what the worst part is? 😊

-Finding cat mess. At the sanctuary. With your shoe….

What do you love doing in your spare time?

-I just love driving 😃 Love computer games and reading!

What’s your favourite quote?

-My own quote: “For the love of Hallswood!” 😃


Why would you recommend someone to join Hallswoods crazy team of volunteers?

-It’s a great big family! It’s full of mad, crazy, amazing people! You will never have a dull day! 😃

* D.O.T stands for Director Of Transport. She also has the title M.O.P but that's another story 🙂

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