Going on a garden bug hunt

Going on a Garden Bug Hunt


How many minibeasts do you think to live in your garden?
We often see ants, little flies, bees, and slugs, but what else might we find and where should we look for them? Well, creepy crawlies often like to find somewhere a little bit hidden so that they don’t get munched up by birds, so we could start looking for hiding places underneath things. What have you got in your garden to look underneath?
Any pieces of wood lying about, or logs? They make great insect hunting grounds! What about stones, or bricks, or plant pots? Can you find anything under there? Take a soft paintbrush and an empty jam jar with you so that you can gently place any creature you want to have a good long look at in the jar, but remember not to leave it in there too long, and always remember to place it back very carefully just where you found it.

Keep a pad of paper and a pencil with you, and maybe you could draw or record what creatures you find. If you aren’t sure what they are, could an adult help you? A magnifying glass would be really useful if you have one. Always remember to leave the creatures you find in the place where they were, nobody wants to find the best caterpillar ever, and then have it get eaten by a bird!

Please let us know what you find!

Thank you for the photo Matthew Jones www.dmjnature.co.uk

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